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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Storage - Part 1

Here at Precision Collision, we put cars back together, smooth out minor damage and paint them whatever color you desire. You’ve gone to the trouble of having us fix your car, but what happens when you need to go on a long trip? A vehicle, not unlike a pet, requires regular upkeep. You want to preserve the service you’ve put into it, and not come back, stick the key in the ignition and receive a terrible surprise.

Of course we’re not talking about a short vacation or a business trip. We mean any extended absence that will keep you away from your vehicle for a month or longer. You may have enlisted for military service, be heading off to college or traveling to a foreign country to become a kung fu master (it happens). In these cases you can’t leave your vehicle just sitting on the street. Well, you can, but that is not the ideal location.

Step 1: Find the Ideal Location

Obviously not everyone has a garage. If you do have access to one, that’s the best place for you to put your car. The temperature is relatively stable and it can be protected from the elements. But what if you don’t have a garage?

In that case, it comes down to money. If you can afford it, put your car in public storage. If you can’t, the best you can do is put a waterproof cover over your car, disconnect the battery, remove any valuable bits (stereo system, etc.) and cover up any parts that can be invaded by small creatures.

To be frank, leaving your vehicle on the street for any time longer than two weeks is a bad move. Even in the best of neighborhoods (and easygoing street sweeping municipalities), you’re opening your vehicle up for damage. You may want to consider selling it rather than leaving it to chance.

In Part 2 of Preparing Your Vehicle for Storage, we’ll cover exterior preparation. Continue to Part 2

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