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When Does a Car Part Need to Be Replaced?

Fixing minor dings and dents is a fairly simple procedure. The majority of bodywork is composed of this kind of damage, smoothing out the creased areas and applying fresh paint. However, in cases where the damage is too deep, a part or section of the vehicle must be replaced entirely.

While this is more expensive, car sections or parts need to be replaced or risk compromising a driver’s safety and the structural integrity of the whole vehicle. When a component is twisted or damaged so badly that the only way to untwist it is to apply immense heat, it’s not worth doing. This is referred to as “permanent damage” and cannot be fixed except by replacing the part or section.

A number of factors will decide whether a section of your car needs to be replaced. The location of the damage and whether or not it can be reached and repaired properly is a factor, as is the purpose of the part. If a damaged section of your vehicle experiences greater pressure or frequent pressure, replacing it may be the only safe way to fix it. The surface type of the section will also be a factor. Is the chassis flat in that area, curved or in some other shape?


Sectioning repair involves removing the damaged portion of your vehicle and replacing it with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part.* This will be done along seams recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

If it is not possible to replace a section along the OEM-designated seams without damaging parts of the vehicle, or if the replacement will violate OEM guidelines for corrosion protection, new seams will be made. There is also the matter of being able to access the damaged sections. If that cannot be done without damaging adjacent sections or parts, a larger area will need to be replaced.

However, replacement of a damaged section cannot be performed if a particular section is prohibited from replacement by the manufacturer, if the damage is in or near the suspension or structural mounting locations, in a crush zone, or in an area where welding cannot be performed correctly.

Ask Us

The auto body professionals at Precision Collision will give you an honest and thorough assessment of the damage on your car. If you have any questions about replacing a section, just ask us and we will be happy to explain any part of our repair procedures.

*Exceptions to this are outlined in the California Code of Regulations Title 10 Chapter 5 Section 2695.8 (g). If OEM parts are not used, “the parts must be at least equal to the OEM parts in terms of kind, quality, safety, fit, and performance.”
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