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What Are the Most Popular Car Colors?


When you bring your car to Precision Collision’s garage, the sky is your limit. We’re here to smooth out those dings and dents and repaint your bruised baby, but we also boast a fully-stocked color palette sure to please even the most discerning automotive connoisseur.

Seriously, though, you can paint your car whatever color you want. We wouldn’t make such a big deal out of it if we didn’t see the exact same color rolling up and down our street for the past few years. We’re all for making a good impression with the neighbors, but sometimes monochrome uniformity can be a bit, well, monochrome and uniform.

Don’t believe us? PPG Industries, the leading transportation and coatings manufacturer in the U.S., releases a report every year on its most popular colors. You know what’s in the top slot (and has in fact been in the top slot for three years running)? White.

White. Twenty-five percent of all PPG’s customers go for plain, ordinary, white. Second place is a tie between silver and black (18 percent each). Third place is gray, at 12 percent.

This black and white popularity is not limited to PPG either. Nancy Lockhart, the Color Marketing Manager for Dupont, told Forbes that White has been among the most popular colors since 1998. Black tends to lead in luxury cars and silver held the number one spot from 2001 to 2006.

As car colorists, we actually understand what consumers see in these simple shades. Most people have a favorite color or want something that pops like they see in the ads, but the reality is they also want something that they can hold onto long-term. Also, shades of gray are available in almost every automobile type, and that wider availability makes those colors more popular by convenience alone.

And don’t get us wrong. Precision Collision does not discriminate. We love all colors equally. We just love colors so much that we want to see more of them on the road. USA Today has reported that there will be 60 new car color types unveiled in the next few model years, so do yourself a favor and choose one that makes you feel like the special snowflake that you are. (And we’ll be here in case you change your mind.)

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