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Understanding Rust

There are so many benefits to living near the beautiful coastline of southern California, but rust is not one of them. Salt from the Pacific Ocean will rust and corrode the body of your vehicle over time. And with the present economy driving more people to hold onto their cars for over nine years, combating rust is important to the longevity of your vehicle.

Areas that are susceptible to rust are the vehicle's roof, doors, and damaged spots with chipped paint. You should check your car periodically for signs of rust periodically. It's easy to forget, so you may want to pencil it into your monthly schedule (this is also a good time to give your car a good general inspection and hand wash).

What to Do if You Find Rust

So you just found some rust on your vehicle, now what? The good news is that if the diameter of the rusted section is less than two to four inches, then you should be able to handle the rust situation on your own at home. The tools required to do so are fairly basic: Something to cover the ground with (such as newspaper), masking tape, paint that matches your car's color, sanders and primers.

However, if rust damage covers a significant portion of your vehicle or has corroded down to the metal, give us a call. Most likely you are going to need professional assistance.

How to Prevent Rust from Forming

1) Clean those hard to reach nooks and crannies on your car twice a month. Use various sizes of sponges and scrubbing brushes, along with hot water and a strong cleaning agent.

2) Use a pipe cleaner to clear drain holes that are along the bottoms of rocker panels and doors.

3) Fix chipped paint while the flaked areas are still small. Take the time to rid yourself of surface rust before it morphs into a more costly and time-consuming issue.

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