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Caring for Your Car after a New Paint Job

There’s nothing quite like a car after a fresh coat of paint. The way it shines in the sun, the looks you get from fellow motorists, you want to keep that special feeling as long as possible. Follow these tips from Precision Collision to keep your new paint job as pristine as the day you drove it out of our garage.

Beware the Elements

Southern California is a land of motorists. Even with some of the highest emission standards in the world, the air is full of automotive residue that will gradually break down the paint on your vehicle. But that’s just from the man-made side. Nature will also do a number on your car. Tree sap, bird crap and the moisture in the air (especially near the coast) will all do damage to your finish. If you happen to park under a tree or have the all-too-common experience of passing under a telephone wire when a bird feels like a little target practice, wash the spot with soap and water as soon as you can. Speaking of which...

Hand Wash, Always

Avoid commercial carwashes for about a month after a new paint job. When you do wash, make sure you do it by hand and with non-abrasive materials. You’ll also want to avoid polishing or waxing your vehicle for the first ninety days after a paint job.

Break Old Habits

Many drivers overlook the damage they’re doing to their own cars, which isn’t a surprise considering many drivers do it as second nature. Think about this: How often do you stack your grocery bags on top of your car when you’re pulling your keys out of your pocket? It’s habitual, but even these slight objects can scratch your paint. As for those keys in your pocket, they can do even worse damage if you sit on your car’s exterior.

Other bad habits include topping off your gas tank. Spilled gas can leave enduring stains on a car’s paint if not washed immediately.


Avoid parking on the street whenever possible. If you have access to one, a garage is always the best option for preserving a car’s finish. If you do park on the street, avoid parking near sprinklers. The reclaimed water in sprinklers is full of minerals that will coat your car’s exterior and gradually erode the paint. As for using a car cover, feel free to use one - but make sure it’s clean from grit before draping it over your vehicle and don’t use one for the first thirty days after a new paint job.
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