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How to Care for Your Wheels

Keeping your car clean after the experts at Precision Collision have repaired or repainted it doesn’t just end at the body. Take a look at those four round things that hold up the rest of your car. Yes, the wheels and tires need to be cleaned just as diligently as the hood and the windows.

Remember, your tires are exposed to more environmental debris and changes in weather than any other part of your vehicle. They’re constantly in contact with the road and that puts them at the mercy of grit, dust, shrapnel, rocks, glass, sludge, rain, snow, you name it! They will be, without a doubt, the dirtiest part of your machine. And that is why you should always clean them first when hand washing your car. It prevents you from ruining a pristine cleaning with splashes of grime.

It’s not just the outside you have to worry about. Your car makes its own worst enemy in the form of brake dust. Brake dust is made of the carbon and metal shavings that are churned up by your brake pad and your rotor. Every time you brake, a little brake dust is created. This can be highly corrosive to your wheel and tire.

Step 1 - The Wheels (What Your Tires Are Attached To)

Clean your wheels first with a light brush, preferably with feathered bristles. Keep two buckets handy, one for washing and one for rinsing. Check your local automotive store for wheel cleaners and find out what kind of metal you have. Different cleaners are made for different types.

Step 2 - The Tires

You really want to get into that rubber, so you can use a stiffer brush for your tires. (Pro Tip: Make sure you do each wheel/tire one at a time; this prevents your cleaner from drying out before you’re done.)

Step 3 - Rinse

Rinse off your wheels and tires and dry them with a terry cloth towel. (Don’t use this towel on the rest of the car.) Applying a wheel protectant or wax afterwards will protect your wheels from brake dust and keep them looking pristine.

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