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How to Drive Safely in the Rain


The sound of rain falling on a tin roof can be very relaxing. Watching a thunderstorm roll in across the high desert from your hotel balcony can be thrilling. However, getting caught on the highway or two-lane country road in a torrential downpour is anything but relaxing or peaceful.

The staff at Precision Collision has collectively seen the aftermath of most every form of car accident. Rain and other inclement weather is a major cause of car accidents. Although we appreciate constant business, we would like to help our clients stay safe on the roadways. Below are tips on how to safely drive in a rainstorm.

Vehicles are more likely to skid when road surfaces are slick and there is less traction between the road and tires. Going into a skid can be a terrifying experience. But the key is to not panic. Although this may feel counterintuitive, steer your car in the direction of the skid, which will help you gain control of the car. Also, as you steer into the skid, ease off the accelerator but do not slam on the breaks, as this will more likely make you lose all control.

Hydroplaning also occurs during rainstorms and has caused numerous car accidents. Hydroplaning occurs when water pressure in front of the tires increases at a greater rate than the weight of the car can push it away, which makes the car slide along a thin layer of water.

Replacing worn tires and maintaining proper tire pressure can reduce the risk of hydroplaning. Avoid puddles when driving (effective wind shield wipers will provide better visibility to do so).

If you start hydroplaning, do not brake or turn suddenly. Doing so could cause you to begin to skid. Slowly release your foot from the accelerator. If you must apply brakes, do so gently.

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