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How to Inspect Your Car after a Repair

At Precision Collision, we take pride in our ability to put your car back together.

We know that many car owners are wary of mechanics and do not want to be taken advantage of. The period after an accident is full of headaches and frustrations, but they need not extend to the people charged with restoring your vehicle. Our team of auto-professionals want to do everything in our power to earn your trust, so not only do we employ the best of the best, we also provide this handy article on how to check your car after its restoration.

First Things First

When you leave your car with Precision Collision, have a checklist prepared with every question you have. Be clear about what you would like us to fix and make sure you understand what we will repair. When you receive your estimate, check each item. If anything is unclear, ask us about it and we will be happy to explain.

When You Get Back

Your car will be washed and cleaned prior to you picking it up. Check the carpets to make sure they’ve been vacuumed and the interior free of papers or plastics used to protect your seats and steering wheel. Most importantly, inspect the sections of your car that were repaired. There should be no gaps in the body panels. For cars with front end damage, the headlights should be aligned and the frame symmetrical. Check each door; confirm that they open and close properly.

How's the Paint?

Your car’s factory designated paint will only get a restorer so far. It takes a keen eye and a dedicated professional to match the exact shade of your vehicle. After we’ve fixed the damage, examine the repainted panels and confirm that they match the rest of the body.

At Precision Collision, we have our own paint booth and do all of our painting in house. We take great pains to paint in the perfect conditions so that there will be no imperfections in your new finish.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and our ability to repair damaged vehicles to our customers’ and our personal standard of excellence. If after you take your car home you have further questions or concerns, feel free to return anytime.